Social distancing restrictions and new processes could impact the way teams are welcomed when arriving on farm but it’s important to invest time in getting it right.

Anxieties about the virus will be impacting employees as well as employers but farms should take a lead on settling nerves by explaining the processes and risk assessments that have been put in place.

It’s important to update information packs with the latest guidance and have them ready in advance of people arriving. It’s good practice to contact new team members before they arrive (via email if they provided an address) to send a welcome message and share photos of where they will be staying. 

Keeping your farm’s website and social media accounts up to date with news and information is also important as employees will be looking in these places in advance of their arrival. 

Some farms have chosen to supply hampers of food and cleaning supplies for their teams to encourage them to remain on the farm and reduce the time spent in other premises. 

Make sure the information you share is clear about your expectations about what is required in terms of the work people will be doing. If you mentioned they will have a team leader – arrange for them to greet them when they arrive. 

While venturing off the farm will be difficult during Covid-19 restrictions, people may still want to know what’s in the local area and where the nearest shops and pharmacies are, so always share this information too. 

And remember – a cup of tea (or cold beverage) on arrival – even if served at a distance – is still a welcome gesture!