HOPS has compiled a checklist to help farmers support staff in applying for pre-settled and settled status to help with labour requirements in 2021.

After 31 December 2020, EU workers will need this status in order to work in the UK and to stay in the country longer than three months.

Supporting workers through the application process can also act as a good way to retain your team.

  • Communicate to all areas of the business why the status is beneficial. Consider your audience and why it benefits the worker (NHS), the business (contingency planning for Brexit).
  • Assign roles to staff to lead the support and offer any training needed on immigration rules.
  • Print off government leaflets and posters and share the government briefing information – Communicating to your EU citizen employees.
  • Give staff time to read through Government flowcharts and processes to familiarise themselves.
  • Remove barriers to management – approaching the office can be intimidating so get out in the field and talk to your workers.
  • Identify staff who have applied and ask if they would speak to others about why they have done it.
  • Ensure translators are available when going through the online application.
  • Identify and communicate with workers you want back and place orders now.
  • Order your labour supply early from HOPS so we can help communicate with staff for 2020.

Download the Government’s toolkit for information and resources for managing applications to the EU Settlement Scheme.