The rules on self-isolation for seasonal agricultural workers are different to other international travellers because their work has been identified as important for food supply.

Those travelling to work on a farm in England must:

  • Fill in a form with their journey, contact details and the address at the farm where they will work and live.
  • Prove at UK border controls that they are a seasonal agricultural worker so they do not need to self isolate for 14 days after they arrive in the UK. Guidance on what they will need to show is here
  • They should only be allowed to leave the farm where they are staying and working in exceptional circumstances.
  • On arrival in the UK they should go straight to the farm where they’ll be working and living.
  • If the worker will not be living on the farm, they will not be able to work and will have to self-isolate on arrival in the UK.
  • They should avoid contact with others on the farm for the first 14 days and follow social distancing rules.
  • After 14 days, they can follow the general rules on social distancing .

Employers should:

  • Help with buying groceries, other shopping or picking up medication.
  • Follow best practice on avoiding the spread of coronavirus for seasonal workers on fruit and vegetable farms. See here:
  • Place new arrivals in a group that will primarily live and work together. See the industry best practice on social distancing.
  • Be aware that workers have the right not to stay in employer’s accommodation. If you require them to do this in line with your company protocols it would be advised to consider not charging the accommodation offset.

For the full Government advice for seasonal workers, please see here.