Apply for seasonal work


Please note all our roles for April are currently filled – but we are accepting applications from people looking for work from May onwards.

We are working as part of the UK’s Alliance of Ethical Labour Providers. The Alliance (HOPS, Concordia and Fruitful) all operate to ensure the very best in participant experience and ethics – and we have partnered together to help find motivated individuals to help Feed the Nation.

Working on farms can be tough – it can be hard work, long hours, early starts, in sometimes difficult weather conditions. We want to be open and honest with you. You will be paid, at least, the minimum wage and many farms pay National Living Wage or more, depending on how much fruit and/or vegetables you harvest, and the role you do on the farm.

All roles offered through us come with training, which can last up to three weeks to give you the best chance of maximising your income whilst on a farm placement. You will be paid whilst you complete this training. As one of the sector’s leading ethical providers of seasonal labour, every job with us comes with free insurance for all our participants.

All successful applicants to our programme will receive high-quality training – which you are paid to complete. Rest assured, all farms, many of which are open fields, are following the correct procedures around safe working conditions during the Coronavirus outbreak. Ensuring our workers’ safety is our top priority. You can be safe in the knowledge that every site has been inspected by us, to ensure that it abides by the highest ethical and legal standards. All of our partners are highly experienced and agricultural recruitment specialists, and hold a GLAA licence, meaning you are in safe hands.

PLEASE NOTE: The government announced that anyone working on a farm is a key worker. This means that you will be able to travel to your place of work, and once you are there. You will also, where there is still space, qualify for childcare, normally via local schools.

The government also announced recently a range of benefit packages for those who find themselves unemployed due to the COVID-19 outbreak – which you may want to investigate and consider before applying for a role. 

The roles:
At present roles will be starting on UK farms from early May onwards – harvesting crops on placements from six weeks to six months, all over the UK. There are also roles on key farms in the next fortnight harvesting asparagus, harvesting beans and preparing strawberry and raspberry plants. We also need workers with additional skills – such as tractor drivers and those able to operate heavy machinery.

To find out more about life on a farm please watch the following videos:
Life on a HOPS farm

Life on a Concordia farm. 

More information can also be found in the HOPS UK Workers Handbook

You can also view our presentation slides.

The process:
Please complete the form below. Applicants will then either be sent a link to an online video interview platform within a week or will be contacted in person depending which company processes your application.

The online interview is super easy to use and talks you through the steps. Please note the recruitment companies’ head offices are the default address listed – we DO NOT want you to attend this location and the farms are nationwide.

Once we have received the video interview and the applicant is successful we can match them with a role on a UK farm based on their skills and preferences. Matched applicants will be sent specific details including information regarding the farm and it’s amenities. At this point applicants decide if they want to take up the position – and accept the roles by email.

Successful applicants can be assured that all farms, many of which are open fields, are following the correct procedures around safe working conditions during the Coronavirus outbreak. Housing is always provided although participants do not have to take it up.