Seasonal Labour


Seasonal Agricultural & Harvest workers from HOPS…

HOPS Labour Solutions Limited is one of the largest providers of temporary and seasonal labour to the horticulture and agriculture Industries. HOPS specialises in sourcing workers for direct employment in seasonal agricultural positions by client employers, mainly from Romania and Bulgaria for farm jobs in the uk.

In 2013 HOPS recruited around 11,000 people to work on approximately 200 holdings across the UK. Currently 70% of placements are in the fruit sector and 16% in the salad/vegetable sector, with the remaining 14% working on a wide spectrum of horticultural and agricultural holdings.

HOPS has a Gangmasters Licence issued by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to recruit workers in the food and farming sectors. We maintain close working relationships with the National Farmers’ Union, the 50 Club and the Association of Labour Providers to ensure compliance and the timely provision of accurate information.

HOPS sits on all the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme transitional working groups advising the Home Office on seasonal workers and migration issues.

HOPS supplies workers to the following sectors:

• Soft fruit production
• Top fruit production
• Vegetable production
• Potatoes (usually grading)
• Tomatoes (glasshouse production)
• Cucumbers (glasshouse production)
• Bedding plant production
• Hardy nursery stock production
• Salad crops – both protected cropping and field grown
• Bulb production (e.g. daffodil lifting, grading, packing for sale)
• Flower production