Farmers are reminded to place any additional orders with HOPS for seasonal workers for the summer before prices increase. 

HOPS charge higher rates for any orders 21 days and under and want to avoid farmers paying any extra for them. Additionally HOPS want to recruit applicants with a good lead time for processing and informing the applicant of the placement they are taking. HOPS filled 98% of their jobs in 2019 and we are aiming for an even better 2020.

HOPS agents are confident about fulfilling all the labour requirements in 2020 and so farmers can be reassured they will receive the people they need.

Over the past five years the demand for British berries has risen, with the total value of exports rising by £16.8 million, an increase of more than 300 per cent since 2013. 

HOPS Operations Director Sarah Boparan said: “HOPS is proud to support the soft fruit sector and we are looking forward to seeing British farmers flourish in 2020 with support from our reliable and ethically sourced seasonal teams.”