Technical Manager- Operations and Growing departments


Develop and enhance technical and growing based operations to enable Volmary to stay at the top of their game and to develop new systems of growing operations to continually improve operational performance and develop sustainable competitive advantages. Achieve industry recognition as a pioneer in the field, demonstrating innovation excellence and top quality, up to the minute production techniques.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Operations Manager -manage and direct technical functions as follows-

Goods in and supplier quality

Ensure the products we receive from internal and external partners is of the right specification and suitable for the purpose it is intended. Liaise with the Goods in Manager and suppliers to continually improve. Work closely with the planning and procurement manager on self-produced cutting material quality delivered to goods in.

Growing equipment responsibility

Ensure all equipment required in the growing process is maintained and procured as necessary in collaboration with the small on site maintenance team and third party suppliers. Research, design and develop new techniques and appropriate machinery to undertake the tasks

Recruit new and mentor existing Apprentice growers

Mentor the existing team of 6 young grower apprentices and develop their skills aligned to our company growing function. Annually recruit new apprentices to the scheme and manage the transition of existing apprentices to either full time employment internally or to other roles outside of the organisation

Grower performance and improvement

Manage the daily activity of the experienced grower team of 4, ensuring daily activity is undertaken including watering, spraying and other technical functions. Liaise with the production manager to ensure other process functions are undertaken to the correct quality desired by the despatch functions and at the right time. Maintain responsibility for the labour budget in this area and for the consumables related the growing function of the business.

Manage the production of P&D free crops. This includes the appropriate planning of chemical and bio-guard applications in conjunction with the growing team.

Plan weekly and daily crop management activity with the Operations manager, production manager and stock controller to ensure a smooth pattern of work.

Production based improvement trials

Manage the growing function to continually improve the quality and efficiency of production processes and production techniques to achieve the best quality at the lowest price. Visit and liaise with research bodies to ensure Volmary are at the cutting edge of both technical capability and of efficient production techniques.

Mother stock function on Wisbech site

Ensure the correct quality and specification of cutting material is produced, collected and used from own mother stock. Develop a new mother plant regime including identifying the correct worldwide locations for different species. Develop and systematise our on site mother stock function to provide specific quality unrooted cuttings aligned to systematic volume expectations.

Powerliner Production responsibility

Liaise regularly with the stock control team to ensure that product requiring attention is identified as such and is managed accordingly to meet the needs of the customer and of the stock planning team. This part of the role is critical and is a large part of the development aspects of the role in terms of how we expect the technical manager to work as a team to achieve the best all round results for the company and the customer. This includes liaising with our parent company in Germany specifically around the development of our Powerliner production unit.

Education and Experience

Practical Hands on Experience in plant production is required along with an understanding of some specific crops, demonstrating the ability to focus on detail in plant production

Should have undertaken some managerial work at least at supervisory level

Understanding of basic computer operations including word, excel and email. The company utilises a specialist Priva computer system that you will be required to learn and comprehend.

Ability to liaise with customers both new and existing with a view to commercial gain

Either possess or gain an appropriate chemical application qualification and the competence to be responsible for the appropriate legislation compliance as part of our BOPP accreditation and to direct others appropriately in pesticide use.

Physical demands

Physically able to spend a good deal of time moving around the production facility and to travel in fast moving situations.

Have the ability to work under pressure and achieve deadlines at peak times of the year including long days when required.

The role is only partially desk based.

Work environment

The workplace for this role will vary. Some of the duties require close attention to detail using computers in an office environment, however, most aspects of the role require time to be spent in warm and humid greenhouses working closely with large groups of production personnel. There will also be a requirement to spend time outdoors both in this country and abroad, including hot countries. Travel, both UK and overseas will become important following a settling in period of 3-6 months.

The company currently employs around 200 people at peak times. This reduces to around 75 full time employs.

To apply for this vacancy please call: 02476 698004


Posted on

30th May 2018