Growers are being urged to think ahead to their next season to help secure returnee numbers, especially with the uncertainty that Brexit may bring. 

Completing important administrative tasks, updating processes and following advice on encouraging returnees are all crucial actions. 

To help get growers ready for 2020, HOPS has the following key suggestions: 

Membership data 

Ensure all names of returnees are updated on the HOPS’ portal as well as departure dates. This helps when we’re organising future work teams for you.  


Check through your 2019 processes and update them where necessary for 2020. Consider adding a communication policy if you don’t have one already and review the way you welcome new people on site.  Looking at the way you induct people into the business and the way you engage with teams is important. An honest review and update of these policies will be beneficial.

Invitations and incentives 

Think about ways to encourage people to return to the farm for the next season. Ideas such as offering incentives such as preferred accommodation or bonuses are a good way of securing good workers. 


Always ask for feedback from the teams you worked with to help you identify any issues that need resolving for future years. While you might be thinking everything ran smoothly, a short survey could give you invaluable insight that will help you to improve retention. 

HOPS has more detailed information for growers about retaining seasonal workers. Just ask for a copy of The HOPS’ Little Book of Happiness that will be available from November.