Ensuring your business has the updated policies in place to meet legal requirements might feel daunting but they’re vital for any business.

When adequately written and adhered to, policies protect organisations, employers and employees and can be used to measure performance.

HOPS’ Auditor Dave Back highlighted the importance of having policies in place.

“A good policy will set out guidelines and outline the required steps to perform a task. It should also outline (where necessary) any actions that are deemed unacceptable. It sets a standard for the business and a foundation for continuous improvement.

“A policy ensures a process has been followed consistently and they are also great to use as a training tool,” said Dave.

Even if you have policies in place already, it’s important to review the ones you have regularly to ensure they still meet the needs of the business.

Dave Back’s top policy advice:

  • Review a policy regularly (annually as a minimum) or when a change occurs
  • Keep records and checklists for employees to use in relation to points based in the policy. This backs up that any requirements have been adhered to.
  • Don’t over complicate it! A policy should be factual and easily understood by the staff using or reading it.

Download a sample policy here.