On the eve of a new year when the search is on for a new seasonal team, it’s the ideal time to improve your business profile. 

With more recruitment opportunities becoming available in Eastern Europe, UK farms need to work harder to attract workers. HOPS has pulled together six actions to take by the start of the new year, to make your business more appealing to prospective teams. 

1. Online presence 

Have you got a website that promotes your business? There is plenty of free online software available (such as WordPress or Wix) with simple templates that you can populate with images and photos from your farm. Include a section about the work you have on offer and what it’s like to work for you. 

If you already have a website, have you checked it’s up to date? People interested in working on your farm will visit your website and will want to see more about what you do and the kind of work they will be involved in. 

2. Social media 

Are you active on social media? With 2.45 billion monthly active users, can you afford not to be on Facebook? Setting up a Facebook Page for your business is easy and gives you a free platform to promote your farm and produce. It’s also a great way to interact with future seasonal workers. 

People will be searching for you on Facebook so if you have a profile – make sure it’s up to date and spend some time adding stories to your feed. It’s reassuring for prospective workers to see what you are doing on the farm and to know you are invested in communications. 

You could also consider Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin too as ways of broadening your online profile and networks. But be careful not to set up lots of accounts if you don’t have time to maintain them. It’s better to do one social media site really well rather than have lots of sites that are out of date. 

3. Keep HOPS updated 

Have you given HOPS the latest information about your farm? Sharing information about any improvements you have made to accommodation or updating your business details means HOPS has the latest information to pass on to seasonal teams. 

4. Update your image

Share any images or quotes with HOPS that you are happy to be used for marketing purposes. HOPS will use these in presentations to promote your business. 

5. Improve farm pack information 

It’s important to think about the information you are providing in your farm packs. HOPS can help with this but make sure you always include details of accommodation and the facilities you have available. It’s good to also include some information about the local area too so people can get an idea about where they will be staying and the types of things they might be able to do when they have time off. 

6. Communicate well

No one can promote your farm better than you and no one can prepare the workers better than you! When your workers information has been added to the portal if they have an email address consider sending them a bespoke welcome farm pack with images/videos of your site and any key messages. If they have a phone number consider calling to welcome them before their arrival, do they have everything, are they prepared, where are they arriving to and can you collect them?