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Employer Registration

Why register with HOPS ….

HOPS provides farmers and growers in the UK with a source of overseas labour to meet their unmet demand for seasonal workers. HOPS is committed to working entirely within the regulatory framework of recruitment and employment. The Seasonal Workers Programme is built on the same principles and was established by HOPS to enable nationals of countries with free access and home nationals to seek seasonal employment opportunities. HOPS endeavours, where possible, to exceed statutory minimums to ensure we are positioned at the top of the market and aims to provide labour to businesses that have a similar commitment.

Your obligations..

HOPS is wholly committed to operating within UK legislation and seeks to work with employers with a similar commitment. HOPS will supply workers to employers who operate within all relevant UK legislation, including employment law, Health and Safety regulations, Immigration restrictions and the National Minimum Wage. In addition HOPS takes seriously the welfare, care and safety of the workers supplied and looks to provide employment of the highest standards. We hope you are also mindful of each individual’s well being and welcome participants into a new and strange environment, taking into consideration that for some this will be their first trip away from home.

Seasonal labour sources

HOPS Head Office is based at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth near Coventry in the UK. HOPS has partners in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The partners market the positions available through HOPS by carrying out road shows, giving presentations and providing information to potential applicants, explaining the pastoral care given. In addition the partners assist with individual application processing (translation), co-ordinate travel arrangements and candidate preparation.

Compliance and Ethical Trading Auditing

HOPS uses an independent auditor to visit all employers wishing to place workers. This visit is to assess the employer specific requirements and to ensure the employment on offer is compliant. Thereafter the Auditor undertakes farm visits to assist employers in meeting their employment responsibilities. Furthermore assistance (pastoral care) is provided on any matter relating to the employment of seasonal agricultural workers. In addition to this HOPS staff are on call for guidance and support as and when required.

Employers Portal.

HOPS provide registered employers with a login to the HOPS portal system where a library of guidance and information may be obtained to assist with employment requirements such as the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, National Insurance, wages and security of wages, employment contracts and Health and Safety management tools. The portal is also the main link between the employer and HOPS for the co-ordination of worker requirements and is an HR resource to help farmers meet their legal obligations under UK employment and immigration law.

Bank accounts and wage security

Obtaining bank accounts for participants has become more difficult through the high street banks. HOPS have a close relationship with Barclaycard PrePaid to obtain prepaid cards for participants. This type of account works in the same manner as a debit card account and ensures security and independence of wages for the participants and also removes any unwanted post and associated credit applications which may accompany a standard bank account. There are specific charges when using and setting up this card which are paid by the employee. The HOPS Barclaycard can only be used by the participants when working for a HOPS registered employer.

Health and Safety

HOPS have specific guidance for Health and Safety and Risk Assessment examples to assist registered employers in meeting their obligations.

How we charge

HOPS have a fair and competitive charging structure dependent on the specific needs of the farms supplied. Using HOPS services is probably more cost effective than you think, our charges are on a weekly basis for how long the worker is with you in addition to a modest membership fee.

Lobbying for farms’ interests.

HOPS is owned by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) and works in the interest of the wider Agricultural and Horticultural industries. In partnership with The 50 Club, the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) and the National Farmers Union, HOPS works to support the interests of its clients. HOPS is also an advisor to the Home Office on migration issues through the SAWS transitional working groups.

New employer registration enquiry

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