HOPS Little Book of Happiness



HOPS launched a new guide for UK growers in 2019 which was aimed at helping them to achieve happiness and success with a seasonal labour team.

HOPS’ Little Book of Happiness, which includes advice on welcoming new teams, accommodation and engaging workers, is an invaluable resource for all growers wanting to retain and get the best from their seasonal labour teams.

The guide builds on HOPS’ more than 30 years of experience in the sector and offers a complete strategy to recruitment, engagement and retention of seasonal teams.

The booklet, which is free to all HOPS growers, includes handy checklists and reminders to help prepare them for the season ahead.

Sections included give detailed advice on how to prepare for your team’s arrival, ideas for welcoming them on site and information about induction processes. There’s also a complete guide to accommodation and ideas for ways to engage your team in the business – especially when coping with language barriers. Growers will also find comprehensive advice on ways to retain their teams through the peak seasons and how to encourage people to return for future work.

Copies of HOPS’ Little Book of Happiness are available by calling the HOPS team on 02476 698 000.