As the season draws to a close for some growers, employers are being advised to take key actions to improve worker returnee rates.

It’s a critical time for growers to issue their teams with departure questionnaires, which can help give vital feedback on employee engagement and any improvements that are needed.

HOPS also suggests asking workers who are keen to return next season to sign returnee contracts before they depart and to offer them their preferred accommodation.

For those growers looking to retain more workers, it’s worth considering offering subsidised accommodation, returnee bonuses and contributions towards transport.

HOPS Director Sarah Boparan said: “Ensuring fair treatment of employees and getting your processes right from the start will ensure you have good retention and returnee rates.

“Review departure questionnaires as these will help you to see where improvements need to be made and shows you’re willing to listen. Incentives – such as Refer a Friend schemes and offering bonuses or choices of roles and shift – are also positive ways to encourage retention.”

It’s also important that the HOPS’ portal is updated with worker departure dates and returnee names as soon as possible so it is clear when people are returning to their home countries.   For more advice on returnees and retention, contact the HOPS team and visit