A new guide for UK growers on achieving happiness and success with a seasonal labour team has been produced by HOPS Labour Solutions to mark their 30 years’ experience in the industry.

HOPS’ Little Book of Happiness, which includes advice on welcoming new teams, accommodation and engaging workers, is an invaluable resource for all growers wanting to retain and get the best from their seasonal labour teams.

The guide will be given to all new and existing customers this month as part of HOPS’ 30th anniversary celebrations.

HOPS Director Sarah Boparan said:

“We are really excited to be celebrating 30 years in the industry and hope our Little Book of Happiness will help more farmers nurture successful seasonal labour teams.

“Retaining workers is essential at this critical time for the industry and we hope this book, which contains 30 years’ of our expertise working in this sector, will prove to be useful to more growers.”

HOPS started out in 1989 after The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) made an application to the Home Office to administer permits under their Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS).

From here the Harvest Opportunity Permit Scheme was formed with the primary aim of providing work placements for students from Eastern European countries with UK employers in the agricultural and horticultural industries. At its peak in 2003, HOPS issued more than 11,000 permits to 270-registered farms.

HOPS became a separate company in 2011 with the Federation retaining ownership of the business so that profits could be invested into NFYFC for the development of rural young people.

With the decline of the SAWS scheme, HOPS has developed its own Seasonal Workers Programme for EU residents and continues to work with Defra and other organisations to tackle any changes following Brexit decisions.

HOPS’ Little Book of Happiness promises to be a welcome resource for farmers concerned about retaining teams – and offers easy to follow checklists and reminders to prepare them for the season ahead.

HOPS fulfilled almost 100% of its 2019 placements and the company is calling for growers to place their 2020 orders now.

Copies of HOPS’ Little Book of Happiness are available by calling the HOPS team on 02476 698 000.