Seasonal workers who have been placed by HOPS on farms in 2019 have been asked to give their feedback on their experience of working in the UK.

The online questionnaires are sent to every registered email address for each employee who has been placed on a farm through HOPS. The aim is to use the information to improve processes and identify any problems.

All of the questionnaires are anonymous but any key concerns that are raised are highlighted to growers as areas for improvement.

The questions check whether workers have had to pay any additional charges – which should not be the case – as well as asking for information about their placements.

Administration Officer Emma Wain said the surveys were a useful annual benchmark.

“HOPS issue these questionnaires every year as they are a good way for us to measure the satisfaction levels of the teams who have come to the UK to work on our farms.

“It’s a good way for us to identify any issues that might crop up and from there we can help our growers with extra guidance on those topics.”

The survey is open for workers to complete until the end of the year.