Feed the Nation

Are you based in the UK and looking for seasonal work on a British farm? HOPS can help you to find a new role. 

Please be aware most jobs are filled in the sector at the moment as more roles will be needed from the end of May onwards. 

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, UK farms have a shortage of seasonal labour to help pick and pack fruit and vegetables. Support is needed from people in Britain to apply for paid positions on farms across the UK.

HOPS has launched a new App called Picker that allows farmers to upload their job opportunities and interested applicants based in the UK to find suitable roles.

Farmers and people based in the UK looking for work are encouraged to register on Picker. It allows people to state the locations where they are able to work and the length of time they can work. 

Your final placement will still be managed by HOPS but Picker allows you to apply for the jobs you want and see when they become available. 

Please see our full list of FAQS about working on a farm supported by HOPS. 

To find out more about life on a farm: Watch a film about working on a HOPS farm.

We also encourage you to look at the Pick for Britain website, set up by the Government to promote current harvesting opportunities. 

HOPS has been working as part of the Alliance of Ethical Labour Providers, alongside Concordia and Fruitful with the goal of supporting British farms and the British public. Please click on the links below to see opportunities from these organisations.