New legislation has been introduced that ensures farmers will continue to receive Direct Payments in 2020.

The Government introduced the new bill at the start of the year and it is hoped this will provide stability for farmers ahead of future reforms.

The Direct Payments to Farmers (Legislative Continuity) (DPLC) Bill has been introduced in Parliament to give governments across the UK powers to administer direct payments to farmers for 2020.

It follows the Chancellor’s recent announcement confirming the same level of funding for direct payments for 2020 as for 2019.

After this, the Agriculture Bill will provide a new system of farm support, moving away from direct payments in England towards an approach where farmers are paid public money for the ‘public goods’ they produce – such as enhancing air and water quality, tackling climate change or improving animal welfare.

This legislation is being put in place in time for EU Exit.

The Government also introduced the new Agriculture Bill to Parliament in January. Read more about this here.