HOPS will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in November with a free gift for all of its customers to support them through future seasons. 

The gift is a new guidebook called HOPS’ Little book of Happiness that is being produced to help support growers with retaining teams and encouraging returnees. 

HOPS Director Sarah Boparan said: “It’s amazing to be celebrating 30 years’ working in the industry – and with some of the original team! We are very excited to be sharing our new book with our clients and we look forward to sharing lots of positive stories about the business throughout November.” 

HOPS started in 1989 after The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) made an application to the Home Office to administer permits under their seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme.

By 2009 HOPS became a separate operating company with the Federation retaining ownership of the business so that profits could still be invested into NFYFC for the development of rural young people.  

If you have any HOPS’ memories you would like to share about your involvement with the business please send them to Caryn May or tag HOPS on Facebook or Twitter in your posts.