Ensuring accommodation is up to scratch is key in meeting legislative requirements and retaining seasonal workers.

HOPS audit all of the accommodation provided by its growers to ensure they are meeting requirements and upholding HOPS’ standards. A recent review of the HOPS audit has resulted in more questions being included around the support offered to workers.

HOPS Director Sarah Boparan said: “We are seeing some massive improvements in the accommodation offered by growers and this is having a positive impact on the people who are working with them. HOPS can offer advice on how to improve your accommodation so please ask if you need support.”

Growers such as Jamie Dewhurst have invested in purpose-built accommodation that was designed with input from his seasonal workers.

“As soon as the new accommodation was up and running, it was the first year we didn’t have any problems,” said Jamie. “Every energy bill has dropped by a quarter and we seem to have workers who want to come back. They also keep it spotless and there hasn’t been any damage. Providing quality accommodation means people want to look after it too.”

For more information about improving accommodation for seasonal workers check out the following links:

 Fresh Produce Consortium Guidance on the provision of caravan accommodation in the UK 2nd Edition 2018. Available at:  www.freshproduce.org.uk/services/fpc-publications/

Free training, developed by UK retailers and ESC International is available for companies that accommodate temporary workers in caravan style accommodation in the UK https://www.sedexglobal.com/worker-accommodation-webinars/