A positive audit of HOPS’ agent in Romania has ensured that the team is complying with the correct processes and ethical sourcing of labour. 

HOPS carry out annual audits on its representatives in Romania and Bulgaria by visiting their offices and checking the technical equipment that is being used. Visits are usually coincided with a worker presentation and selection procedures are discussed. 

Office Manager Caryn May went on the recent visit to Romania in October to meet the team over there and said she found it a positive and useful experience. 

“We speak with our agents all the time but it’s great to be able to meet them on location in their place of work. It’s a good opportunity for us to ensure that all of the signed agreements with HOPS are being met and that their in-country certification and GLAA Licence is up to date.

“It’s so important for HOPS to see that our standards are being met and to give the agent opportunity to discuss any concerns and update us on what’s happening in their area of the world,” added Caryn. 

Taking part in the worker presentations is a good opportunity for HOPS to see the ways in which people are being recruited and to identify any issues. 

Topics such as GDPR compliancy and worker exploitation are discussed in detail and processes checked to ensure everything is meeting HOPS’ rigorous standards.  

Alex Barbacaru is HOPS’ agent in Romania and is GLAA registered. The recent review was a welcome one for the team in Romania too. 

“HOPS’ audits help us get up to the latest standards in recruitment and tackling modern slavery. It also brings added value to the service offered by HOPS, both to us as a partner and farmers,” said Alex.