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Sex Description Start Date Finish Date Ref. No.
Female . Seasonal worker on the peaches harvest since 2014 . Soudent in L3 Communication . Fluent in French, intermediary level in English and Spanish, debutante in Chinese 26.08.17 N/A 596 View CV
Female I've been working on picking fruit on my country. Native speaker - Portuguese. Very good command - english... 31.08.17 23.09.17 595 View CV
Male I am hard working, reliable and enthusiastic.I have some livestock experience and some tractor driving experience 01.09.17 N/A 594 View CV
Male I am a highly movtivated individual having balanced both professional work in haulage industry and family commitments.I am reliable,responsible and excellent organisational and time managements skills.Throughout my work... 01.01.18 01.01.20 593 View CV
Male Joshua Conroy 01.09.17 01.08.18 592 View CV
Male Highly experienced farm worker/machine operator with a true passion for working on the land. Confident & experienced in all aspects of countryside work. A hard worker who always completes every task to a high... 22.09.17 N/A 591 View CV
Male Tractor Driver 23.08.17 N/A 590 View CV
Male Carlos Rocha looking for a permanent job. 21.08.17 21.08.17 589 View CV
Male CV 01.09.17 01.09.18 588 View CV
Male Hard Worker ,Willing to move for work. 20.08.17 31.08.20 587 View CV