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Sex Description Start Date Finish Date Ref. No.
Male . 06.05.17 31.12.17 547 View CV
Male Farmers Son and Experienced Historic House Tour Guide Looking for Mixed Farm Work with Training 04.06.17 04.05.17 546 View CV
Male My cv 03.05.17 03.05.17 545 View CV
Male I am highly experienced working as a gardener/ landscaper, cleaner, and forklift operator and can use my abilities to work in other roles and work settings. I have the following skills; · Very good eye for detail · Able... 02.05.17 02.05.17 544 View CV
Male Seasonal Labourer 29.05.17 31.12.17 543 View CV
Male Looking for Farming and Fruit Picking Work 26.04.17 26.04.18 542 View CV
Female Freelance translator looking for a seasonal job. Moving to another country won't be a problem for me due to the fact I have been working and studying in places like Italy and USA... 01.06.17 01.09.17 541 View CV
Female Gabrielle Ward CV 16.05.17 19.04.17 540 View CV
Male Yusain Kashev CV1 01.05.17 01.11.17 540 View CV
Male To obtain an Agriculture Engineer position in a multinational company with a diverse team has clear and challenging objectives. My challenge is not only sustaining the success of the business, but also continuously help... 21.04.17 01.01.18 540 View CV