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Sex Description Start Date Finish Date Ref. No.
Male Tractor Driver 05.06.17 01.06.18 554 View CV
Male Andrew Low - Curriculum Vitae 01.08.17 N/A 553 View CV
Male I am an accomplished professional. I am an active member of Wwoofer Portugal organic farming perspectives. I am a multiculturalist. I am a person who works and pays attention to details. I have lot of ideas, straight... 15.09.17 28.02.18 552 View CV
Male I am a well organised, hard working and confident individual with the necessary skills to perform on my own or as part of a team. I am motivated to complete a given task successfully and understand the importance of... 01.07.17 N/A 551 View CV
Male I am seeking a position in your company where I can use my communication and teamwork skills. I am hardworking and eager to learn new skills. I can provide honest service through teamwork but I am happy to work... 19.06.17 N/A 550 View CV
Male Eager and hard working ! Looking for seasonal work ! Brand new to farm life, but ready to learn ! 05.07.17 20.06.19 549 View CV
Male I have farm experience in agriculture farm and animal farm. 21.05.17 19.11.18 548 View CV
Male . 06.05.17 31.12.17 547 View CV
Male Farmers Son and Experienced Historic House Tour Guide Looking for Mixed Farm Work with Training 04.06.17 04.05.17 546 View CV
Male My cv 03.05.17 03.05.17 545 View CV