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Sex Description Start Date Finish Date Ref. No.
Male Worker 19.07.17 N/A 564 View CV
Male Hello, Me and brother was born in Poland, but since one year we are living and working in UK. We have 26, 27 years old. In Poland we was working at farm almost all our live. We know this job and we like it also. In UK... 14.07.17 22.11.17 563 View CV
Female Mónica Bento -21 years old -no 936868835 -Fruit Picker in 2014/15 -Portuguese/English 06.07.17 31.08.17 562 View CV
Male Irish student looking for harvest work in the UK. available to travel asap 05.07.17 03.09.17 561 View CV
Male Looking for a fruit picking job 05.07.17 02.08.17 560 View CV
Male Main CV 10.07.17 N/A 559 View CV
Male Working farm manger/head stockman seeks position in Scotland 28.06.17 28.06.17 558 View CV
Female Farm Hand. - My experiences include working closely with Cattle and sheep, arable poultry and game keeping. 12.06.17 N/A 557 View CV
Female I am currently finishing the 2nd year of a BSc (Hons) Agriculture degree at Writtle University College and I'm looking for a full- time summer time... 08.06.17 16.09.17 556 View CV
Male I am currently seeking part time employment so that I can continue my education either via an Apprenticeship within a Business Environment or by studying A levels.I have a keen interest in Administration, Retail and... 07.06.17 N/A 555 View CV