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Does your agricultural recruiter ask candidates these 7 questions?


Saving time without cutting corners is a skill only the best recruiters possess.

A top agricultural recruiter will never approve an application without first, thoroughly pre-screening the candidate. The aim is to obtain a swift but detailed insight into the individuals’ personality and a glimpse at their suitability for the role in question. Ultimately, this saves time for the client by eliminating the unsuited early on in the process, allowing you both to focus on those with maximum potential. Typical recruiters will leave this crucial element of the process for the client to negotiate at interview stage. This poorly executed process is not only a complete squander of time for everyone involved but also reflects unfavourably on the farm as well as the recruiter. Reams of people attending interviews and none being offered work will result in a lousy reputation for both parties. If you want to avoid appearing unapproachable and unfruitful to future applicants, this is worth careful consideration.


So what are the optimum questions to ask? How do champion agricultural recruiters like HOPS provoke and inspire candidates to yield the information they need to harvest?

We have composed a sample of 7 of the questions your agricultural recruiter should be asking candidates before approving their application.


  1. Do you have a full, clean, UK driving licence and your own vehicle?

A good candidate will have both of these. The last thing your farming business needs is an employee who relies on public transport.

  1. What attracted you to this opportunity and why?

This will tell you which personality type you are dealing with. The answer given will reveal what is important to them as an individual and what they prioritise in their life generally. Did they apply because you are local? Was it the pay that attracted them? Do they have a love for the work you are offering?

  1. Do you have a passion for the industry?

Regardless of the answer you can tell a lot about a person by the manner in which they respond to this one. Did they hesitate? Did they answer immediately and confidently? Did they find it an odd question?

  1. How many years have you spent on British farms?

A common sense question that most recruiters miss, this one is especially relevant if the job entails navigating local roads or traditional practices.

  1. What do you think makes you the best person for this opportunity?

This forces the candidate to view themselves through your eyes and in relation to other candidates. What do they see in themselves that they also see in your opportunity? This may highlight something in the vacancy detail which requires further clarification or modification.

  1. What are your main strengths, skills and specialities?

Again this is forcing the candidate to look at themself from your perspective. Listen carefully, they may tell you their weaknesses too!

  1. Is there anything in the job description that you are worried by or not keen on?

This is your insurance policy and can prove very useful.  It will certainly prompt the candidate to at least consider the aspects of your opportunity that they are least confident in. Candidates are usually open and honest at this stage but if any issues arise later on you have this conversation to refer back to. This can also be a great tool for analysing and evaluating job details.

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