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Sourcing skilled employees is becoming increasingly difficult for the UK farming and food industry.

With so many opportunities available to job seekers you need to remain competitive in your approach and focus on retaining valuable employees. There are so many factors influencing the future generation of young farmers, it is important to allow actual data to drive the way you advertise and recruit for skilled roles.

The process can be extremely frustrating and time consuming so we have put together these pointers for you to consider whilst reviewing your hiring strategies.

  1. Mobile has made looking for jobs easier. Did you know that:

41% of job seekers search for jobs while in bed.

30% search for new jobs while at work.

18% search for jobs from a restroom.

  1. The average length of an interview is 40 minutes, most candidates know within the first 90 seconds if they will accept the job offer. Some of the reasons for this included:

The management having a poor attitude towards existing workers.

Unrealistic expectations on one person to fulfil the role.

The job requirements differ from the advertised job description.

Lack of training and progression opportunities.

Lack of suitable induction guidance and support.

  1. The average time to hire is increasing due to poor recruitment processes.

33% of farm management positions remain unfilled for more than 3 months.

Top candidates are off the market within 10 days.

60% of candidates will quit a job application that is taking too long.

47% of small farms are unable to find qualified candidates for their open positions.

  1. Employer branding is the key.

69% of candidates will reject a job offer from a farm with a poor reputation.

Farms with a logo, positive mission statement and ethical ethos are twice as likely to attract suitable applications.

Staff are twice as likely to remain in a permanent vacancy on a farm with a good reputation.

  1. Diversity equals success – Your farms reputation will improve if you value diversity.

Gender diverse companies perform 25% better at recruitment and staff retention.

67% of farm workers claim that diversity in the workplace is extremely important to them.

55% of candidates would leave a permanent role if they felt  nationality diversity was undervalued