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So it’s that time of year again and you need to recruit a sprayer operator. You clearly stated in your job ad that you require a physically fit, sensible individual with a bit of general farming experience and most importantly PA1 and PA2. You’ve tried all the agricultural jobs boards and given Facebook a whirl but all you’ve had is a few time wasters and a guy whose references turned out to be his dad and his grandfather. Then there are the enthusiastic types that seem too good to be true until after 10 minutes on the phone they suddenly disclose that they have no tickets. (We all know how that feels).

What is the problem . . . . . ?

The problem is; you’re not the only one recruiting for this role at this time of year and everybody wants someone already qualified.  It’s time to recruit smart.

Think outside the box. Would it be worth investing in one of those hopefuls with no tickets? How much does it cost for an employee to do the pesticide course?  How much is recruitment costing you for this role? Is there anyone in your exiting workforce that you could train for the role? Is there anyone in your seasonal labour team that stands out?

There are plenty of decent training providers like Hush Farms and Dart Training who are reasonably priced in comparison to repeat advertising. Why not give someone enthusiastic and hardworking the opportunity to better their situation? They may well repay you by becoming a loyal employee. You can have it written into the contract that training fees must be repaid if employment ends within 12 months. This should put off anyone not invested in your business.

You can advertise for a General Farm Worker or Sprayer Operator on HOPS website for just £98 + vat or use our full recruitment service and let us handle the whole process for you.

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