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Posted by Carly Goodridge-Smith on 24 April 2018

Stay in the loop and recruit smart, get ahead of the game on these hot topics!

  1. Brexit

Let’s get straight to the point, Brexit is happening and the recruitment landscape is changing fast. We are all up to speed with regards to unskilled agricultural labour but how will it affect skilled roles?

Here are the facts;

  • If a seasonal workers scheme is introduced, you will no longer be able to recruit European workers for permanent skilled roles.
  • There will be no more recruiting permanent dairy staff from Poland or permanent tractor drivers from Romania!
  • You will have the choice of hiring skilled workers from your labour provider on a temporary basis OR recruiting permanent skilled staff from within the UK only.

That leads us into the second topic.

  1. Accommodation

Ever tried recruiting for a skilled role without providing accommodation? You immediately lose at least 50% of your candidate pool. Early starts on the farm require your staff to live within a 20 minute drive of your site right? How many skilled agricultural candidates live in your area? Do you want to be limited to recruiting locally only?

Think about providing a caravan or a more permanent solution for your desired staff member. That way you can open up your search to the whole of the UK, or at least the surrounding counties. This will give you a much greater chance of finding the right person to join your team!

  1. Advertising costs

Where are you going to advertise?

Print advertising can be costly, even for a small ad in the job section and especially in the larger more popular publications. If you do not recruit the first time you will have to spend again. Jobs boards are a great way to lower the cost and stay in control but do you have the time to filter out the timewasters? Social media is of course completely free but how are you going to reach the correct audience? You can join groups like ‘Farm Jobs UK’ on Facebook with over 2.5k members, again beware of time wasters.

If you do decide to spend do your research first. Obtain quotes from print publications and agricultural jobs boards asking them to be clear about what is/is not included and outline the re-advertising costs if the ad is not successful. You will need to write an attractive, detailed job description that will stand out from the rest.

Finally, compare those offers with HOPS specialist agricultural recruitment service, you might be surprised. Find out more.