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Posted by Carly Goodridge-Smith on 20 April 2018

If you are struggling to fill your skilled vacancy, let us help you avoid these common mistakes. Stop wasting your valuable time and start recruiting smart!

Asking for too much : This is a serious problem within the farming industry and will result in your disappointment and frustration. Recruiting a general farm worker is fine if that’s what you want but don’t expect someone qualified in AI to also have a HGV licence. Be realistic, if you require two separate skill sets you need to recruit two separate people!

Posting vague job adverts : Broad job titles, poor job description, an absence of salary details and no mention of career development will contribute to a large number of unsuitables applying for the role. Young farmers prioritise job security and progression and will check your company out online to verify your claims about career prospects and farm culture. Be honest and realistic about what you have to offer.

Failing to prepare for interview : You expect all of your candidates to attend their interview having researched your company and prepared thoroughly but are you prepared? A poor experience during interview almost guarantees a rejected job offer. Prepare questions for each individual, show them around the farm and introduce them to the machinery they will be expected to operate.

Ghosting good people : Cutting off all contact without explanation, especially after an interview,  is damaging to your farms reputation. Word travels fast, especially with the aid of social media. You need to be fair and provide proper feedback for each individual.

Taking too long to make a decision : Skilled candidates are only on the market for a maximum of 10 days. Demand is high and a delay reflects badly on your competence as an employer. Do not expect skilled people to wait around, if you are unsure, offer them a paid trial!

Still struggling? HOPS Recruitment can fill the role for you, no hassle and no stress. Let the experts handle the time wasters  so you can get back in the field doing what you love. Find out more.